Winter Cross Country & Race Walking


The cross country and road walking competitions run from May to August and are held on certain Saturday afternoons at various locations around Perth. There may also be a competition held at one of the country based little athletics centres.

In competitions, athletes are required to wear the Joondalup athletics shirt and plain black shorts. 



Training will take place at 4:30pm on Mondays and Thursdays. For athletes Under 12 and under we do need a parent/guardian to be present for training at all times. ALL athletes need to be signed in and out of training. 

We train together at tracks around the Joondalup area. We combine age groups from U7 - U10 in one group and U11 - U17 in another group.

For up to date information, please join the JLAC 2021 Cross Country Facebook closed group, located at the following link:



  •  Includes Little Athletics and Athletics West events.

Cross Country Dates



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Detailed information is now available at the Athletics West website

 If you have any queries please email


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